OpEd Workshop


ESWN and the University of Bergen invited STEM women to participate in an innovative program of thought leadership in the global community of public discourse via a workshop on writing Opinion Editorials. By training women scientists to contribute in greater numbers to public discussions on issues related to their scientific expertise or their experiences as women in science, this workshop aimed to increase the diversity and quality of ideas and voices we hear in the world, to increase the visibility of women thought leaders of public opinion—and to increase your personal influence and impact. If you have more questions about the program, you can email Mirjam Glessmer or Rose Kontak.

What is The OpEd Project?

A collective of high-level working journalists who actively share skills, resources and connections with expert women to take thought leadership positions in their fields; match them with high-level journalists mentors; and channel the best new ideas and experts to media gatekeepers who need them, across all platforms. The goal of this workshop at UiB was to promote female scientists within the scientific community, on an individual basis, and within the global community of public discourse.

Program: Write to Change the World

This dynamic workshop in Bergen, Norway (which also grants one year of access to the OpEd Project national network of high-level media mentors) helped to form thought leadership–provoking more expansive thinking about knowledge, why it matters, and how to use it. Programs were designed to share the tools of powerful argument and generate concrete results, as well as to cultivate a sense of social responsibility by empowering participants to see their potential impact on the world. Specifically, the OpEd Project provided training to female geoscientists to identify areas of expertise to which they can contribute through leadership in public forums.