AGU Workshop: Succeeding on the Tenure Track

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The tenure track can seem mysterious: a few crucial years where new professors build a research program, develop a teaching portfolio, and hope to be promoted. In this workshop, we aim to de-mystify the process, and share secrets to success. A panel of recently tenured faculty members in earth science disciplines share their “lessons learned” and answer questions. Geared towards assistant professors on the tenure-track now, as well as grad students and post-docs considering an academic career; all are invited. This workshop is a partnership between Earth Science Women’s Network and AGU Education.

Panelists for the 2012 workshop included:

• Lorraine Lisiecki, paleoceanography, Department of Earth Science, University of California, Santa Barbara

• Allison Steiner, atmospheric chemistry, Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences, University of Michigan

• Frank Keutsch, atmospheric chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison

• Craig Rasmussen, environmental pedology, Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science, The University of Arizona

Panelists for the 2013 workshop included:

• Elizabeth Dahl, analytical and marine and atmospheric chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Loyola University Maryland

• Tracey Holloway, regional air quality, energy and climate, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and Department of   Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Kamini Singha, hydrogeology and water resources, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

• Pam Templer, ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, and global change, Department of Biology, Boston University

The 2014 workshop was moderated by Becca Barnes and the panelists included:

  • Megan Anderson, Associate Professor, Colorado College
  • Maura Hahnenberger, Lecturer (tenure-track), Salt Lake Community College
  • Tara Hudiburg, Assistant Professor, Univ of Idaho
  • Maureen Long, Assistant Professor, Yale University
  • Caroline Masiello, Associate Professor, Rice University

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