$2500 Donation to WONDER Fund

ESWN recently lead a donation match campaign to raise funding for the WONDER Fund. With the generosity of our amazing members we raised $1250, and with the match we are thrilled to announce that we donated $2500 to the fund to support annual travel grants and mentorship opportunities for Black or Indigenous womxn in earth and space sciences. This annual award will aid recipients in attending an American Geophysical Union conference of their choice.

Women Doing Science was established as a social media project to increase the visibility of women in STEM and share stories of diverse researchers around the world. It became clear that the field of geoscience, in particular, suffered exceptionally from lack of diversity, especially in regards to Black and Indigenous women, with little progress made in decades.

WONDER endeavors to address inequalities in Earth and space sciences by providing grant support to Black or Indigenous woman with a demonstrated interest in Earth science to attend an AGU conference. The goal is to encourage undergraduate and graduate women from these racially minoritized groups to pursue a career in earth or space sciences by helping them broaden their scientific knowledge and build their personal and professional networks. While systemic racism is prevalent around the world, this grant seeks to specifically offer opportunities for geoscience researchers in the United States.

If you would like to support this grant you can DONATE HERE.