Professional Development Workshops

ESWN offers professional development workshops at major conferences around the world and at ESWN-hosted workshops throughout the United States. Most of our workshops are open to all, regardless of your gender identity; however we continue to host women-only events. If you are interested in one of our workshops and/or would like to host something similar at your institution, please contact us.


Leadership Skills for Success in the Scientific Workforce

Science is rarely done in isolation; in almost any position, leadership and management skills are an important contributor to success.  Yet, these skills are seldom discussed as part of an academic education, and hardly, if ever, show up in professional trainings for scientists. 

This workshop offers a unique opportunity for women across scientific disciplines and career levels to build their leadership and management skills.

This 2.5 day workshop is intended for people who identify as women and are employed in the sciences, especially those employed in scientific agencies and scientific organizations. 

November 4-6, 2019 | November 5-8, 2019
Boulder, Colorado


Navigating the NSF

How do you make your proposal as NSF-savvy as possible? How do you best describe your broader impacts?  How do you access available education and outreach funds?

Getting out in the Field

Fieldwork is often viewed as essential component for many in the geosciences & while it provides opportunities it can also present barriers.

Getting on & Succeeding in the Tenure Track

The tenure track can seem mysterious: a few crucial years where new professors build a research program, develop a teaching portfolio, and hope to be promoted.

Mentor Mapping

ESWN is built upon peer-mentorship and the idea that no one can get everything they need from one human. Learn how to identify mentors and build your network.

Opportunities Beyond Academia

Thinking about a career outside of academia? Your advisor doesn't have any first hand knowledge of life outside university walls?

Workplace Climate Trainings

ESWN, AWG and the AGU are partnering to address the problem of sexual harassment in the earth, space and environmental sciences.


Leadership & Management Skills

Science is rarely done in isolation; in almost any position, leadership and management skills are an important contributor to success.

Defining Your Research Identity

Identify personal strengths, define a personal & professional mission statement, network. Put our mission into action.