Member Spotlights

To highlight the awesome activities (research, teaching, outreach, etc.) of our members we have member spotlights that rotate periodically. If you think an ESWN member is deserving of being highlighted in this way, please let us know (email Becca). We will ask you for a brief blurb of why said member is so great and then contact them to get photos (and make sure they want to be highlighted on our site).

Past spotlights include:

Past spotlights in reverse chronological order:

Nancy Soontiens 1Elizabeth Dahl photo 3IMG_20160926_190107charlevoix-photo3Ester Szteincgriffin_boatsg-pic2_squareag-eswn_1ljw-mvc-034sKristanCulbert_photo1Photo 3 VJT ESWNSora Kim 1kenya_jensusanAparna Bamzai photoSilva3_1126IMGP4190Anna Åkesson IISarah Anderson 1Subhashree Mishra 2Alicia Cruz-Uribe 1Michèle 1DSCN6170Luebbecke__ESWN_1Rachel Licker 1Corinne Wong 3ted-fellow-aomawa-shield-rl croppedMaria Val Martin 2Asmeret Asefaw Berhe 2Delores Robinson smallerAmélie Kirchgaessner - Spotlightmona behl 2Carrie 2good_morning_Jill_sm_137153Kerri Pratt - SpotlightKeesee_photoSkylarBayerAnne Jefferson - SpotlightRalucaMirjam Glessmer - SpotlightChristine Wiedinmyer