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ESWN has grown tremendously since its beginning in 2002 – we now have over 2,500 members! In February of 2013 we moved from our NCAR listserv to the ESWN online site and both our membership and subscribers to our co-ed es_jobs listserv (open to anyone interested in receiving information about earth science job opportunities) have continued to grow.

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With over 2,500 ESWN members, we have people at  various stages of their careers and we encourage women at any stage or career path to become ESWN members! Everyone can learn from other members and offer valuable insights about their own experiences. The majority (54%) of our members are either graduate students or postdoctoral scientists. Given the career stages represented by our membership it is not surprising that a large majority of our members are currently employed by a graduate degree granting university. However, our membership represents a diversity of workplace environments with 13% working outside the traditional academic spheres of colleges, universities and government labs. To find out more about the various institutions our members work at, go here.

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ESWN members represent a variety of geological and environmentally oriented disciplines — with our work exploring a variety of fields. Our members’ research spans a range of topics, with the most popular including climate change, biogeochemistry, ecology, and atmospheric science. To read more about individual members and their work be sure to check out our current and past ESWN spotlights. Atmospheric sciences has the largest amount of women, likely due to our organization stemming from a conversation between six atmospheric scientists at an AGU meeting. To find out more about the origin of ESWN go here. field discipline 5

ESWN is a truly international organization with members working in 52 countries: Rwanda, Australia, Sweden, Thailand, New Zealand, Austria, Spain, Serbia, Mongolia, Germany, Italy, France, Bangladesh, Finland, Greece, Romania, India, Denmark, Switzerland, Russia, Chile, Benin, Nigeria, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Fiji, Cameroon, Trinidad & Tobago, Mexico, Malaysia, China, Dominican Republic, Israel, Singapore, Norway, South Africa, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Brazil, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, United States, Pakistan, Turkey, Philippines, Canada, Iceland, United Kingdom, Colombia, and Madagascar.

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Given our different fields, career stages, and workplaces it is not surprising that our members face many different challenges within the geosciences. The graph below depicts the top concerns listed by women when they joined ESWN.  Many of our members’ concerns focus on a lack of female mentorship and role models as well as challenges related to work-life balance. [Note this figure represents ~15% of our membership].
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