Open Source Software Workshop

2021 ESWN Professional Development Workshop: Developing Free and Open Source Software with PyGMT

Workshop information

We are excited to announce an upcoming workshop hosted by the Earth Science Women’s Network and the Generic Mapping Tools team on developing free, open source software! This workshop will include lessons about developing open source software and hands-on activities. During the hands-on activities, participants will contribute to open source software and work on issues in the PyGMT repository.

We expressly invite people who face under-representation, systemic bias, or discrimination in the Earth sciences and/or technology industry where they live to apply. People of all career stages are welcome to apply.

When: August 17, 2021 – August 19, 2021 (August 17 is an optional refresher to Git and PyGMT)

Time: 20:00 – 24:00 UTC

Application deadline: June 04, 2021

Selection notification: July 02, 2021 (note that this workshop will be limited in size, but our goal is to build a community of developers that can support additional workshops on open source software development)

Where: Online

Cost: No cost

Application: Apply online

Our goals

  • Increase the participation of underrepresented groups in open source communities with a focus on software related to Earth Science.
  • Grow the community of PyGMT contributors.

Benefits of participating

  • Learn about open source software communities (governance, workflows, communication channels, etc.)
  • Contribute to open source software (gain confidence, learn skills, build portfolio items for jobs).
  • Meet others with similar interests (new contributors and established maintainers of open source software).


  • Must follow the PyGMT Code of Conduct. Act and interact in ways that contribute to an open, welcoming, diverse, inclusive, and healthy community.
  • Must have a GitHub account.
  • Must have a working knowledge of Python.
  • Either have some familiarity with PyGMT or commit to gaining familiarity prior to the workshop. An optional PyGMT refresher will be provided on August 17, 2021 20:00 – 24:00 UTC.
  • Either have some familiarity with Git or commit to gaining familiarity prior to the workshop. An optional Git refresher will be provided on August 17, 2021 20:00 – 24:00 UTC.


  • The meetings tools, detailed agenda, slides, and all other materials will be provided to attendees in early August.
  • We will ask participants to state their name each time they speak.
  • Participants may state their pronouns at any time during the workshop. We kindly ask that participants use only a person’s stated name if that person chooses to not share pronouns.
  • We will create pauses during and between activities.
  • We will provide live captions in English for spoken content during the online meeting.
  • We welcome any requests or comments about workshop accessibility, which can be addressed to workshop organizer Meghan Jones at meghanj at hawaii dot edu.