Call for ESWN Volunteers

We are looking for some enthusiastic volunteers for our new (and ongoing) ESWN committees! We have several new leaders for ESWN, so we are now recruiting for volunteers to join these committees. APPLY HERE

Application deadline is June 15th.

Committees generally meet once a month and you can volunteer as little as an hour or two a week (but more is always great).

Here are some brief descriptions of each committee:

  • Development and Stewardship: The goal of this committee is to coordinate and lead efforts to raise funds for ESWN and its activities, and strengthen ESWN as a self-sustaining organization.
  • Member Engagement: The goal of this committee is to recruit new members and facilitate sustained and meaningful interactions between members, to grow and sustain ESWN and its service to the broader community.
  • Communications: The goal of this committee is to facilitate internal and external communications to build awareness of ESWN activities, facilitate knowledge and information exchange, share insights to strengthen member knowledge and expertise, and promote the visibility of women in the earth sciences.
  • Partnerships: The goal of this committee is to develop and support relationships across earth science sectors (academic, public, and private) to enact change in the scientific community and enhance the value and benefits of ESWN membership.
  • Professional Development: The goal of this committee is to support existing professional development activities, and lead new efforts to enhance the skills/knowledge/abilities of ESWN members. This can include online resources (virtual) and in-person activities.
  • Member Events: The goal of this committee is to support and lead member activities that promote communication, peer mentoring, and networking between ESWN members. This includes both online (virtual) and in-person activities.

Please apply by June 15th: CLICK HERE