Currents | Feb 2018

The Leadership Board is interested in what topics are resonating within the ESWN community. As part of this effort and thanks to ESWN member Wendy Chou, we will now post periodic summaries of the topics that generate lasting conversations in our Facebook group and on the website Forums. 

If you are interested in helping out with this task, guest blogging, or working to strengthen our online community please reach out to Maura or Becca


Paulina Stowhas

Congratulations to Paulina Stowhas, M.S., whose research in biodiversity and the human-wildlife interface and service to the academic community garnered her a “Forward Under 40” award from University of Wisconsin Alumni Association. Read her interview

Sexual Harassment, #MeToo

Photo credit: Massimo Rumi / Barcroft Media / Barcroft Media via Getty Images


Difficult questions have emerged about whether a nascent fellowship program that champions women in leadership could do more to prevent unsafe and inappropriate behavior onboard a sea voyage to Antarctica. Grist article

The four witnesses who testified before the House Subcommittee on Research and Technology on 27 February. From left to right are Rhonda Davis, Kathryn Clancy, Kristina Larsen, and Chris McEntee. Credit: House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology

The discussion of sexual harassment in the sciences entered the halls of Congress as a panel from the House Committee on Science heard testimony from prominent scientists on problems ranging from vulnerability during field work to lack of enforcement.

EOS article

Small Pond Science Post

Diversity in Academia

The viral hashtag #ThisIsWhataProfessorLooksLike received a lot of love from the ESWN community for emphasizing importance of diversity in academia.

See Dr. Kevin Nadal’s Facebook Page for this cooperative project between him and Dr. Silvia Mazzula