Currents | March 2018

Quality of Life

Many were moved by a recent profile of two geoscientists (& ESWN members) featured on NPR’s recurring StoryCorps segment. The piece highlights how these two women successfully balance family with the demands of their research.

See NPR story here

Science Ph.D.s Lead to Enjoyable Jobs

So, is it all worth it? Though some found this Nature article encouraging, many others in the throes of Ph.D. stress wrote in to express their frustrations with academic life.

Mentoring & Resources

Advice on Requesting a Lab Startup Package

Of particular interest to early-career scientists: Jacqueline Gill’s blog post, Show Me the Money, discusses issues one should consider when structuring one’s laboratory startup request.

Women Scientists in History


In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, many highlighted unsung earth science heroes from the past.

Marie Tharp

Many ESWN members expressed appreciation for a retrospective on the cartographic contributions of Marie Tharp (1920-2006), whose research helped produce the World Ocean Floor Panorama, the first comprehensive map of its kind. For more see this NY Times profile.

Other scientists who received mention from ESWNers: Mary Anning (British paleontologist), Florence Bascom (American geologist), Ellen Churchill Semple (American geographer), Eunice Foote (19th century American scientist and inventor), Elizabeth Anderson Gray (American paleontologist), Katsuko Saruhashi (Japanese geochemist, who was just highlighted with her own Google doodle), and several geologists profiled on TrowelBlazers

Summaries by Wendy Chou.

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