ESWN Events – AMS Annual Meeting 2021

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Please join us for these events during the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting 10-15 January, 2021!

These events do not require AMS Annual Meeting Registration.


Tuesday, 12 January 5-7 pm ET

AMS Women

AMS Women’s “Luncheon” – Facing COVID as an AMS Woman: Wearing Multiple Hats

She is a student, a wife, a mother, a professor, a researcher, a senior scientist, an early career scientist, a caretaker, a broadcaster, a friend, a daughter, a forecaster, a manager, a mentor, a teacher, a leader… She is a woman capable of wearing multiple hats, she is an AMS Woman! Let’s get together to share our experiences in the time of the COVID pandemic, talk about tips & solutions and support each other during these difficult times. Everyone is welcome! Feel free to wear your favorite hat!

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Tuesday, 19 January 6-8 pm ET (Post-conference workshop)

Workshop – Leadership for Change and Justice: Effective strategies for student organizing

Across many institutions and organizations, students have been leaders in advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion in geoscience. This workshop will bring together students and their allies to discuss effective strategies for organizing around DEI and feature specific examples of successes and challenges faced along the way. In particular, panelists will highlight the role of allies (be they other students, faculty, chairs, or deans) in helping to reach their goals. During the workshop, all participants will have a chance to reflect on how they can be a more effective organizer and/or ally. Participants will leave the workshop with improved institutional knowledge regarding how universities and scientific agencies function, to help participants understand the best spots to “push” in order to effect change. In addition, students will have the opportunity to be part of a larger network of students doing this work.

This workshop, scheduled as an American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting post-conference workshop, is open to students and anyone looking to learn from student leaders in DEI. Participation is open to all.

AMS Annual Meeting Registration is not required to attend this post-conference workshop.

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