ESWN Leadership Update

ESWN Leadership Update

Behind the scenes the ESWN Leadership has been hard at work to keep the various pieces of our organization moving and providing resources for you. As we grow, we recognize the value of evolving the Leadership of ESWN and we are excited to create more opportunities for you to join the leadership team and become more involved.

ESWN Fall 2019 Call for Volunteers

Executive Board (EB)

The Executive Board has financial responsibility for the non-profit organization. They also lead and contribute to the various ESWN Activities. The current Executive Board consists of:


      • PRESIDENT: Meredith Hastings, Brown University
      • VICE-PRESIDENT: Melissa Burt, Colorado State University
      • TREASURER: Christine Wiedinmyer, University of Colorado Boulder




Associate Board of Directors (ABoD)

These are the ESWN members leading and making the various ESWN Activities happen. Current ABoD members are Rebecca Barnes, Maura Hahnenberger, Erika Marin-Spiotta, and Emily Smith. There are many different areas of activity, with the potential for much more!! Here is a list of the current committees that are run by the Associate Board of Directors:

  • Chair of Associate Board of Directors

    • This person/people coordinates activities of the ABoD and maintains a record of the activities
  • Development and Stewardship 
    • This committee leads the fundraising efforts for the organization, maintains ESWN merchandise and store.
  • Member Engagement
    • This committee coordinates volunteers, helps with recruitment, and welcomes members to the ESWN. Registration is part of this group as is our Discussion Boards.
  • Communications
    • This committee leads our web content, social media and newsletters.
  • Partnerships
    • This committee works to partner with other societies, organizations and collaborations. Large partner projects such as PROGRESS and ADVANCEGeo are included in this committee.
  • Professional Development
    • This committee oversees, coordinates, and develops ESWN professional development activities, such as in-person workshops and online resources.
  • Member Events
    • This committee oversees the many member events organized and supported by ESWN, including the annual ESWN Networking Reception at the AGU Fall Meeting.


The Executive Board meets monthly to discuss the business component of ESWN.

Further, the Executive Board and the Associate Board of Directors meet monthly to discuss our various activities, including fund-raising, organization of professional development workshops, management of our website and online activities, and coordination of our activities at meetings such as AGU.

We are currently looking for others to get more involved and help with ESWN activities. If you are interested to volunteer or are looking for leadership opportunities, please fill out the following form to indicate your interests!

ESWN Fall 2019 Call for Volunteers