ESWN Volunteer Opportunities

413890088ESWN has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available. Please email us if you are interested in getting involved in any of these opportunities:


– Discussion leader for online forums: respond to posts to make sure that questions are answered and discussions keep going

            -Contact Erika Marín-Spiotta

– Member of Awards Committee: work to improve the number of women receiving awards by dividing and conquering the work of nominating. For example, one person leading each nomination, one person helping to draft text, one person contacting the letter writers. NOTE: AGU Union nominations due March 15 so this is a time-sensitive project, although other programs have nominations through the year

            -Contact Tracey Holloway

– Design and/or marketing volunteers: Help us design materials, write up information for our website, fundraising, reaching out to students and new members – designer, writers, or anyone with PR or marketing experience would be great!

            -Contact Manda Adams

– Web content developer: think up and write up cool stories, resources, etc. to post on the ESWN website

           -Contact Becca Barnes

– Job resource helper: help with ES_Jobs_Net mailing list, posting jobs, coordinating ESWN web site with ES_Jobs_Net email list

            -Contact Christine Wiedinmyer

– Event organizer: help organize a reception or a workshop at your home institution, or a professional meeting – this could be a small coffee gathering, or helping with larger ESWN events at AGU or EGU

            -Contact Carmen Rodriguez

– Regional contact person: a person who helps engage ESWN members in a city or region

            -Contact Emily Fischer

– Fundraising: come up with ideas of ways for ESWN to contact potential donors and raise money

            -Contact Meredith Hastings

– Newsletter: help write sections of the newsletter. Currently our newsletter comes out once a year, but we would like it to be three times a year.

            -Contact Carmen Rodriguez

– Diversity Coordinator: identify ways to effectively connect with other diversity groups in the earth sciences and broaden the reach of ESWN’s resources to increase diversity of all aspects in our disciplines.

            -Contact Erika Marín-Spiotta and Manda Adams