Matched donations to the AGU WONDER Fund

From now until October 10th, ESWN will be matching donations to the AGU WONDER Fund, up to $1000!

The WONDER Fund was established by the Women Doing Science project, to provide funding and mentorship opportunities to Black and indigenous womxn doing work in the earth and space sciences, inclusive of non-gender conforming individuals. AGU has partnered with the WONDER fund to provide up to $2000 for selected individuals to support participation in any AGU meeting. Students at any stage are encouraged to apply, and an active AGU membership is not required. To learn more about the application process, please see the AGU WONDER page.

All tax-free donations made to ESWN through October 5th will be donated to the AGU WONDER Fund, and matched, up to $1000. To contribute, go to the Support ESWN site and click on the “Donate to the ESWN Program Fund” button, or go directly to the PayPal link here.

Thank you for your support!