COACh is a grass-roots organization that is working to increase the number and career success of women scientists and engineers through innovative programs and strategies. Membership is free and open to anyone who shares its passion for building capacity in STEM fields around the world.

COACh’s most popular programs are its career building workshops that have been attended by over 12,000 scientists and engineers (men and women) over the past 18 years.
COACh career building workshops are available on the topics of effective negotiation, communication techniques, successful mentoring, leadership skills, publishing in peer reviewed journals, grantsmanship, memorable scientific presentations and launching a career in science and engineering.
COACh provides a forum for networking and mentoring of scientists and engineers at all levels to assist them in their research, teaching and career advancement.
COACh works closely in an advisory capacity with many institutions, government organizations and departments to create a professional workplace that provides an equal opportunity for discovery and innovation for all of its scientific and technical workforce.
COACh International (iCOACh) is bringing its career building workshops to countries around the world and is creating opportunities for scientists in the U.S. and in developing countries to collaborate on research and educational issues in emerging STEM fields.