Science-a-thon October 14-18 – ESWN’s Biggest Annual Fundraiser

Science-A-Thon, ESWN’s biggest annual fundraiser is coming up soon, and it is not too late to participate!


Science-A-Thon is a five-day celebration of science, engineering, technology, and math (STEM!), science professionals, science teachers, science journalists, and anyone else who uses science in their day – from the lab to the field, from learning to teaching, from routine tasks to major discoveries! This year’s event takes place October 14-18, 2019.

It is still not too late to register as a participant! Participants will share the ups and downs of a #dayofscience, posting photos on social media of their days including morning routines, work commutes, research instruments, class projects, and after-work fun. Yes, some scientists spend the day in white coats, but many also spend the day climbing mountains, in museums, on ships, working in teams, and much more!

​There will also be featured Keynote Scientists throughout the week, so follow social media to check out their #DayOfScience posts.

Science-A-Thon raises money for a portfolio of leading organizations that support women’s advancement in STEM. This year, partner charities are the Earth Science Women’s Network, Girls Who Code, and the Society of Women Engineers. Click here for more information about these amazing organizations and their missions to change the world. All donations to Science-A-Thon are fully tax-deductible.

The Earth Science Women’s Network is particularly excited this year, since donations made during Science-A-Thon will go to the completion of our Madison Community Foundation $50,000 Challenge Grant! Completion of this challenge grant will initiate the ESWN Endowment Fund, which will provide ongoing funding for ESWN projects. Thanks to Madison Community Foundation for their generous support of this endowment!

We hope you will participate in Science-A-Thon by signing up as a participating scientist, following participants on social media during the event (including ESWN!), and donating to help support women and girls in science.