Christine Wiedinmyer

christine_Oct2005_squareESWN Founding member and Leadership Board member Christine Wiedinmyer was awarded the UCAR Diversity Award in 2011 for her innovative and continuing activities to reduce obstacles and enhance opportunities for women and other underrepresented groups in the geosciences. To quote one letter of support of the award: “Christine has become almost a household name’ among early career women in the geosciences. Through her efforts with ESWN and other activities, she is having a major and measurable impact on the careers of hundreds of women today, which will certainly lead to a substantially more diverse and vibrant community for UCAR and the geosciences community in the future.”

Christine is an atmospheric chemist who studies the emissions of air pollutants to the atmosphere, and their impact in the atmosphere. She has created a unique computer model that estimates wildfire emissions of pollutants, such as mercury and carbon dioxide. Wiedinmyer also participates in studies that look at the interactions between emissions, air quality and health outcomes. One of her interests is evaluating ways in which climate, technology, and policy may change air quality in the future. Wiedinmyer works in NCAR’s Atmospheric Chemistry Division.

In her free time, Christine spends much of her time with her two kids, Maggie and Finn. She enjoys running, biking, fishing, and reading. Christine is also a lacrosse official and officiates games around Colorado.