Dr. Aish Raman

Aish Raman, originally from India, is a Senior Research Scientist working at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Global Modeling Assimilation Office (GSFC/GMAO) on aerosol modeling and analysis, as a contractor with Science Systems and Applications, Inc. At GSFC, her research focuses on aerosol modeling and analysis. She graduated from University of Arizona with a Ph.D in Atmospheric Sciences in July 2017, worked as postdoc from August 2017 until Jan 2017 at NASA GSFC/GMAO through UMD and became a senior research scientist in March, 2018.

Aish’s thesis focused on dust and black carbon aerosols. She worked on modeling, satellite retrieval analysis, and analog ensemble framework. Aish analyzed black carbon aerosols using CO and NOx as tracers. Such work can be really relevant to understanding aerosol composition from satellites since we have ample data for gaseous products from space borne measurements. She has also authored technical memoranda on haboobs/dust storms with NOAA NWS, which was featured in the Arizona Daily Star. During her Ph.D, Aish also worked at NCAR, Boulder on the analog ensemble framework. At GMAO, Aish is working on modeling primary marine aerosols (sea salt and organics) using a wave model. She is also currently taking up additional projects to work on agricultural fires and dust storms in India. Aish also worked on a diverse range of topics back in India during undergrad related to Martian geology and Venusian sulphuric acid clouds.


Aish is delighted to be a part of ESWN and really appreciates the motivation she received from ESWN while job hunting in the final year of her Ph.D. Now, she is thrilled to be in her dream job at NASA. Aish is highly passionate about continuing to work on aerosols and eventually help in designing future satellite sensors for aerosols. Outside of research, she loves weight training and kickboxing.