Mirjam Glessmer

MGTopStriving to understand – by going to sea, conducting tank experiments, and running numerical models – what makes the ocean move. Passionate about discussing ocean and climate issues with colleagues, students and the general public. Trying to inspire to make a difference.

Mirjam Sophia Glessmer joined the ESWN in 2006, the ESWN Europe committee in 2010 and the Leadership Board in 2012. She actively participates in regular board meetings and activities, and together with ESWN manager Rose Kontak and other board members she has submitted several proposals through which ESWN seeks to fund networking workshops in Europe.

Mirjam holds a PhD in Physical Oceanography from Kiel University in Germany, and currently works as a Postdoctoral fellow at the Physical Oceanography and Climate Dynamics Division of the University of Bergen. She studies how the Nordic Seas freshwater content is shaped by the variability of salt input from the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. She not only uses climate models for her investigations, but also actively participates in research cruises that take her to many remote areas of the world.

Mirjam also holds a Master’s in Higher Education from the University of Hamburg. She teaches various oceanography courses in and outside of Bergen, and leads laboratory experiments and field trips with students.

In her free time, Mirjam enjoys playing canoe polo in the fjords of Norway, hiking in the mountains and, as a real oceanographer, she also is a passionate observer of oceanographic currents and other marine wonder.


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