Mona Behl

mona behl 2Mona Behl works as a research coordinator with Texas Sea Grant College Program headquartered at Texas A&M University. In this position she leads the Sea Grant’s research program which includes managing a portfolio of grants, fellowships, and scholarships, overseeing and monitoring funded research, facilitating information exchange between research and extension, and participating in strategic planning and evaluation of program goals and objectives set forth in the strategic plan.

Behl earned her Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography from Florida State University and her bachelor and master degrees in Physics from Center of Advanced Studies in Physics, India. For her doctoral research, she used simple conceptual models, and analytical techniques to understand the atmospheric response to the slowing down of Atlantic meridional overturning circulation.

Behl is passionate about bridging the gaps between science and society. During various phases of her career, she got the opportunity to delve into research, teaching, science policy, and science communication. Before working as a research coordinator, Behl was a visiting fellow with the American Meteorological Society Policy Program and an adjunct faculty with the American Public University. She also worked as an educator in India where she was awarded the CV Raman Award (2005) by the Indian Physics Association for being among the top 4 teachers in the country. She was also the youngest of the awardees.mona behl 3

In her free time, Behl enjoys listening to prog rock, folk, and blues music. Growing up in the foothills of the Himalayas, she loves outdoors and does not miss an opportunity to travel.

mona behl 1Mona Behl has been a member of ESWN since 2006, and considers it as an important part of both her personal and professional life.

Behl’s career profile was highlighted in the June 2013 issue of Oceanography magazine.