Raluca Ellis

RalucaRaluca Ellis joined ESWN while completing her graduate studies, and actively participates in group discussions and ESWN activities. Raluca is very passionate about science communication and outreach, especially to young girls. Together with her friends and artist husband, Raluca has created many videos that entertain and educate. She has worked with science festivals, museums, community organizations, and facilitated science workshops for girls. She continues to explore ways to break down the barrier between the public and science (and scientists), and strives to instill a passion for learning in all, as exemplified by her video for a CNN iReport on the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.

Raluca completed her Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry at the University of Toronto in Canada, where she studied how pollution forms and moves in the atmosphere. This involved making measurements in many places such as California and Scotland, and working closely with other scientists in collaborative field campaigns. Raluca is now a post-doctoral fellow in the Harvard Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group. Her current project looks at how pollution from driving and farming makes its way to our National Parks. She uses a chemical transport model to identify what parks are at risk now and in the future. In her free time, Raluca loves being outdoors. She enjoys hiking, swimming, biking and as a true Canadian, playing hockey. Raluca is also an avid photographer, and loves to photograph nature, people and weddings.

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