Immigrants’ Success in Science Education and Careers

Written by ESWN member, Gyami Shrestha.

“The contribution of immigrants to the scientific and technological innovation and
progress of the United States is significant. Beyond the existing statistics describing their
status, this study explored the factors driving such immigrants’ success in science,
technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and careers, focusing on their
learning and career growth environments. The goal of this study was to seek and expose
qualitative information for the development of a pro‐active STEM curriculum of
education and career enhancement, in addition to fostering such academic policy
guidelines for STEM students and scholars in multicultural and diverse settings. The
study targeted first generation students and scholars in terms of immigration status as
well as university education, while also intentionally including all STEM field people,
regardless of immigration status, in an effort to offer a more comprehensive view of
success factors and needs in STEM, and also to seek non‐immigrants’ view points on
their immigrant peers’ issues.”

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