Professor Destressor

Dr. Susan Robison provides personal and professional coaching.

If you are a college professor or administrator who wants to make a difference while you are making a living … you’ve come to the right place. Educators who live and work with a sense of purpose balance their roles, time, and relationships by these principles:

Meaning: (Re)discover your passion and purpose so that all the elements of your life connect to each other. Clarity will bring increased productivity and decreased stress.

Mastery: Develop your strengths in areas of your choosing. You can apply your strengths to your content as well as your style.

Happiness: Enjoy the contentment of a well-lived life. Feel good while doing good.

Legacy: Make a difference through the influence you leave behind on people and your organizations. Your influence goes beyond your students’ to your professional field and to your community.

Connection: Apply relationship skills to the range of relationships from intimate to professional. You will increase your satisfaction and effectiveness while working and living with others.