Women in science blog

Hi, I have started a blog on issues relevant for women in science and women (or man!) in general. I will be writing about diversity in the workplace (with particular attention to science when my experience is), work-and-life balance, gender …

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To work or not shouldn’t be a question

We are a two-scientist couple, an Austrian and a German, both with experience working in the United States. So we read with great interest the Working Life story in which Michelle Gabriele Sandrian, an American, shared her experience working as …

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Nurturing a Baby and a Start-Up Business

Fledgling companies are like sticky-fingered toddlers. You’ve got to watch them every single minute.

And yet a small group of women is proving that it’s possible to start a high-growth technology company and have children at the same time. They …

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Men and Mothering

University policies and academic culture continue to discourage men from being active parents

It’s no secret that more than 40 years after Title VII guaranteed them equal treatment in the workplace, women with children still go home from work and …

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Women in science – passion and prejudice

“Scientific research requires special talents, just as much as intelligence, passion and diligence. I do not know a single successful scientist who is really lazy, and only very few who are able to pursue at the same time other interests …

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Professor Destressor

Dr. Susan Robison provides personal and professional coaching.

If you are a college professor or administrator who wants to make a difference while you are making a living … you’ve come to the right place. Educators who live and work …

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Tomorrow’s Professor

Access to Tomorrows-Professor eNewlsetter (or you can sign up to receive it in your inbox) with postings twice weekly, usually on Monday and Thursday mornings, Pacific Standard Time. The eNewsletter seeks to foster a diverse, world-wide teaching and learning ecology …

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The Academic Ladder

feeling overwhelmed by all the demands on your time? this website has several resources that you can utilize to “get help with the climb” — including online writing groups as well as group and individual coaching for all career stages.…

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The Dissertation Coach

This company is focused on helping graduate students finish their thesis or dissertation and making graduate school a positive learning experience. Some members have indicated that they have attended seminars presented by Alison Miller, a dissertation and life coach from …

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NSF Career Life Balance Initiative

NSF started its Career-Life Balance Initiative to provide incentives to institutions that create gender-neutral policies and practices. The goal is to ensure that all personnel can address lifestyle responsibilities. The article is followed by links outlining federal career-life balance policies …

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Jo Van Every.ca

Imagine the academic life you would really like to have.
It would include all the best parts of what you have now. It might also include some things you wish you had but have set aside as impossible dreams.

What …

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Housework Is an Academic Issue

Scientists are likely not to be interested in thinking about housework. Since René Descartes, Western culture has stringently separated matters of mind from body. Housework is, however, related to the life of the mind. Scientists wear clean clothes to the …

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Coaching Service: Escaping the Ivory Tower

Is academia making you miserable?

Are you becoming restless, depressed, apathetic, or cynical? Are you struggling to find a job or finish your degree? Is your teaching feeling rote? Have you lost your enthusiasm for research? Are you resenting your …

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