ESWN Member Spotlights

To highlight the awesome activities (research, teaching, outreach, etc.) of our members we have member spotlights that rotate periodically. If you think an ESWN member is deserving of being highlighted in this way, please let us know (by emailing Becca or filling out this google form). We will ask you for a brief blurb of why said member is so great and then contact them to get photos (and make sure they want to be highlighted on our site). Self nominations are encouraged! Help us help highlight the amazing work that you are doing each and every day!

Christine Wiedinmyer

ESWN Founding member and Leadership Board member Christine Wiedinmyer was awarded the UCAR Diversity Award in 2011 for her innovative and continuing activities to reduce obstacles and enhance opportunities for women and other underrepresented groups in the geosciences. To quote one letter of support of the award: “Christine has become almost a household name’ among early…

Beth Johnson

01 Dec 2018

Dr. Beth A. Johnson is a professor of Geology at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley in Menasha, WI. She is a Quaternary Geologist interested in the glacial history and landforms of the Upper Midwest. She earned her Ph.D. at Northern Illinois University. Her doctoral dissertation was about the extent of slackwater sediments in the Savanna…

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Dr. Aish Raman

07 Aug 2018

Aish Raman, originally from India, is a Senior Research Scientist working at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Global Modeling Assimilation Office (GSFC/GMAO) on aerosol modeling and analysis, as a contractor with Science Systems and Applications, Inc. At GSFC, her research focuses on aerosol modeling and analysis. She graduated from University of Arizona with a Ph.D…

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Adriana Martinez

02 Jul 2018

Dr. Adriana Martinez is a fluvial geomorphologist whose research focuses on human impacts on river systems using field work and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  She is currently investigating the social and environmental impacts of the U.S. Mexico Border fence, including its effect on border communities and flooding. Approximately 5 km of fence was built between her…

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Diana Dalbotten

22 May 2018

Dr. Diana Dalbotten works for the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota as the director of Diversity and Broader Impacts.  The focus of her work has been on broadening participation of underrepresented students, and particularly Native Americans in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields.  She collaborates with tribes in Minnesota and nationally to advance…

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Dena Smith

19 Apr 2018

Dr. Dena Smith’s research program has focused on understanding the evolutionary and ecological history of insects.  She uses the fossil record to study processes of fossilization, insect response to climate change, the co-evolutionary relationships between insects and plants and shifts in insect biodiversity patterns through geologic time. This work has allowed her to work at very…

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Britta Voss

10 Mar 2018

Dr. Britta Voss is an aquatic biogeochemist whose research focuses on chemical and biological transformation of carbon in river systems. Her interest in the interactions of water, rocks, and life began during her undergraduate studies in chemical oceanography, where she had the opportunity to participate in research cruises from coastal zones of the Pacific Northwest…

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Jane Zelikova

10 Feb 2018

Dr. Jane Zelikova is an ecosystem scientist focusing on understanding the impacts of climate change on ecological processes, from how organisms and plants respond, to how carbon and nitrogen cycles are changing. She works in tropical and temperate ecosystems, driven by questions rather than particular study systems. These days, she is transitioning from addressing fundamental…

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Alexandra Krull Davatzes

22 Jan 2018

Dr. Alexandra (Alix) Krull Davatzes is a Precambrian and Planetary geologist, specializing in impact processes, sedimentology, and geoscience education. Alix is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Temple University in Philadelphia. Alix earned her BA in Geology from Pomona College, where she got her first taste of research in…

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Svetlana Shkolyar

15 Nov 2017

Svetlana is an astrobiologist specializing in the search for signs of life, or biosignatures, on Mars. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of North Florida, a Master’s of Science in Space Studies from the University of North Dakota, and a PhD in astrobiology from Arizona State University. She pursued diverse, interdisciplinary…

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Cynthia Dinwiddie

23 May 2017

Dr. Cynthia Dinwiddie is an environmental, earth and planetary scientist specializing in hydrogeology. Cynthia earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Walla Walla College with a concentration in mechanical engineering and she minored in mathematics before switching her focus to earth and environmental science in graduate school. Her mechanical engineering background was useful later…

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