ESWN Member Spotlights

To highlight the awesome activities (research, teaching, outreach, etc.) of our members we have member spotlights that rotate periodically. If you think an ESWN member is deserving of being highlighted in this way, please let us know (by filling out this google form). We will ask you for a brief blurb of why said member is so great and then contact them to get photos (and make sure they want to be highlighted on our site). Self nominations are encouraged! Help us help highlight the amazing work that you are doing each and every day!

Skylar Bayer

Skylar Bayer is in her second year of her Ph.D. in Marine Biology in the School of Marine Sciences at the University of Maine. Her work focuses on the reproductive ecology of invertebrates, particularly that of the scallop fishery. She collaborates with Maine fishermen to help. Since her undergraduate years at Brown University, she has…


Jessica Scheick

10 Mar 2023

Dr. Jessica Scheick’s work focuses on glaciology, remote sensing, and collaborative development. Her glaciology work explores ice-ocean interactions, specifically focusing on icebergs and what they can tell us about glacier flow and how that flow is changing as a result of climate change. Broadly, her research emphasizes building community, writing software, and educating her fellow…

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Hendratta Ali

16 Jun 2020

Dr. Ali’s geoscience interests are broad. She attributes this to growing up in many different geologic environments. While in elementary school, she stayed in a sedimentary environment on the Douala Estuary. Then in middle school, she lived near the Sahara Desert on one of the largest endorheic basins in Africa, close to Lake Chad. In…

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Sue Natali

18 Apr 2020

Dr. Sue Natali is an Arctic ecologist who studies the response of Arctic ecosystems to a changing environment and the impacts of these changes, from local communities to the global carbon budget. Her research focuses on feedbacks from permafrost thaw to global climate and impacts of fire and landscape characteristics on permafrost vulnerability. Sue has…

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Colleen Iversen

05 Mar 2020

Dr. Colleen Iversen is an ecosystem ecologist who uses a variety of field and laboratory techniques to understand and predict how ecosystems are shaped by environmental change. Her work takes her from upland forests to soggy peatlands to thawing arctic tundra, chasing a better understanding of the secret lives of roots hidden beneath the soil…

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Erin Hotchkiss

11 Feb 2020

Dr. Erin R. Hotchkiss is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and a Faculty Affiliate of the Global Change Center at Virginia Tech. Erin is interested in how environmental change, land-water interactions, & ecosystem processes shape the transport, transformation, and fate of carbon and nutrients in freshwaters. Her research quantifies ecosystem processes…

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Amy Weislogel

19 Dec 2019

Amy Weislogel is an Associate Professor of geology at West Virginia University where she teaches courses and advises graduate student projects in sedimentary geology. She graduated high school without any real knowledge of geology or particular interest in the sciences, and ended up with a B.S. from Allegheny College, that led to a M.S. from…

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Stephanie Shaw

29 Sep 2019

Stephanie Shaw is a Principal Technical Leader at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI; where she is responsible for the strategic research direction of air quality monitoring and environmental impacts of emerging energy technologies. Her career path has unexpectedly led her to a role that fits the range of topics that fascinated her when…

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Yackar Mauzole

27 Aug 2019

Yackar Mauzole is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher in satellite oceanography, at JPL/Caltech, a NASA laboratory located in the Los Angeles area. Now in her second year, she obtained her PhD in Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island in 2017. Her research focuses on fronts at the sea surface, which are the oceanic…

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Emily Cooperdock

26 Jul 2019

Dr. Emily H. G. Cooperdock is an Earth Scientist who uses geochemistry and thermochronology to quantify the timing and rates of tectonic processes, with a special interest in the interplay between tectonic and geochemical cycles. Her PhD work focused on method development for thermochronology, which opened up new research avenues into processes that were historically…

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Erika Amir-Lin

28 Jun 2019

Erika Amir-Lin is a geologist with 15 years of varied workforce experience in the earth sciences.  She is a licensed professional geologist in the state of New Hampshire, and currently works as a hydrogeologist at AECOM  in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.  In her current position she works with municipal clients in Massachusetts and New Hampshire; assisting them…

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