Mapping the Maze: Getting More Women to the Top in Research

Why are there so few women in decision-making positions in research and why is this a problem? Only 15% of full professors in European universities are women, and women are under-represented on decision-making scientific boards in almost all European countries. Such a situation must inevitably mean that the individual and collective opinions of women are less likely to be voiced in policy and decision-making processes, which may lead to biased decision-making on topics of future research development. If women scientists are not visible and not seen to be succeeding in their careers, they cannot serve as role models to attract and retain young women in scientific professions.

This report has looked at the facts and figures, listed the existing problems and the arguments for change, and examined a number of possible successful measures aimed at advancing the position of women in research – thereby contributing to equality and quality, and has concluded that what is needed is a change.

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