Networking as a Tool for Earth Science Women to Build Community and Succeed

Women are often underrepresented in academic positions in Earth sciences, with numbers below the critical mass to induce change and improve conditions. This can lead to lower productivity and
a lower success rate for female scientists. However, women can overcome these problems by expanding their networks.

Whether one purposefully engages in its practice or not, networking is everywhere in science, from invited talks to award nominations, teams for a field campaign, collaborative proposals, calls to review panels, reference letter requests, advice, jobs, or even the general goal of building
a scientific reputation. This June, 70 early- to mid-career Earth science women participated in a workshop focused on building networking and communication skills, part of the Earth Science Women’s Network’s (ESWN) series of annual professional development workshops. Throughout the workshop two professional facilitators, Christina Olex and Kerry Ann Rockquemore, raised awareness of the importance of networks, highlighted opportunities for building or improving professional relationships, and instructed training in communication skills.