Women in Science

“Today, women are in the mainstream of science and many of the world’s top scientists are women.
In fact, the face of modern science would be unrecognisable without the major contributions made by women, including more than a dozen Nobel laureates, not to mention those pioneers who missed out on the accolades and recognition their work deserved.

The legal parity with men that women now enjoy – and for which they fought for so long – has empowered them to fulfil more of their potential and enabled society to tap into the talents and abilities of this long-neglected half of society. Despite the gains that have been made, invisible glass ceilings still hinder the progress of bright women. Europe still underutilises women scientists in the research domain, particularly in the so-called ‘hard sciences’ and in leadership positions, and the scientific community remains male-dominated.”

This article talks about the lives and discoveries of many women throughout history.

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